Hiking in Big South Fork National Recreational Area

Hiking in Big South Fork National Recreational Area

Welcome to my online portfolio and reflections on public history. My name is Angela Sirna, and I am a public historian and cultural resource specialist. I earned a Ph.D. in public history from Middle Tennessee State University in May 2015, along with two degrees in history from West Virginia University (2008, 2011).  My labradoodle, Capon, and I enjoy mountain hikes and lazy days on the river.

The title of this blog is “Landscape Redux.”Through my professional experience and in my graduate study, I have found cultural landscape studies to be instrumental in my historical research and Cultural Resource Management work. The Secretary of Interior defines a cultural landscape as a geographic area of study that includes both natural and cultural resources that relate to a significant event, person, or activity or has aesthetic or cultural values. Cultural landscape studies offer a holistic, multi-disciplinary, and systems approach to integrating natural and cultural resource management. It also places emphasis on change and process rather than stasis. Utilizing cultural landscape studies helps us look to the future in creating sustainable communities while preserving the values that make them unique.

This website serves as a portfolio of my professional work, highlights my research interests, and is a platform for my commentary on various public history issues. I welcome thoughtful feedback!

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