NCPH Sustainability Task Force

In 2014, I was appointed to the National Council on Public History (NCPH) Task Force on Sustainability. I have participated in two past working groups where I presented case studies on sustainability and climate change. The first case study I presented was at the NCPH meeting in Portland, Oregon in 2010, where I talked about adaptive reuse at C&O Canal National Historical Park. The second case study I presented was at the NCPH meeting in Ottawa, Canada in 2013, where I talked about interpreting climate change at Catoctin Mountain Park. This case study was based upon my experience doing Climate Change Scenario Planning for the park in 2012.

In 2013, I helped the NCPH Task Force on Sustainability draft a white paper on what the organization should do in terms of sustainability and climate change. You may read the draft here. The Task Force will continue to work with NCPH in putting our key recommendations into place, including creating a standing committee on sustainability.

Skills Utilized/Acquired: adaptive re-use, sustainability, knowledge of climate change and cultural resources.


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